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Social Security Workshops in NJ - Damian J. Sylvia - Social Security

We hear from clients all the time: “There is so much information—some factual, some hearsay—on Social Security. We get tips from everyone…our accountant, our family and friends, but what is right for us?”

Do you find yourself asking the same question? Here are the facts:

  • In 2016, nearly 61 million Americans received approximately $918 billion in Social Security benefits.
  • You can begin drawing reduced Social Security as early as age 62. For every year you delay after reaching full retirement age (FRA), up to age 70, the monthly benefit increases—by a generous 8% per year.
  • For the average (middle to upper-middle class) couple, Social Security, in fact, makes up 20%–50% of their retirement income.

Planning for Social Security earlier will deliver better benefits. You have been paying into Social Security your entire life. Wouldn’t you want to receive the maximum back? Each year, Damian Sylvia and Michael Standley provide sound Social Security advice and strategic road maps to hundreds of individuals and couples—who are either nearing age 62 or full retirement age (FRA). As part of their commitment to educating the community, Damian and Michael present free workshops throughout the year.

To attend an upcoming 2018 workshop in the central New Jersey area, please email

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